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Patidars are Aryans. They reached Punjab from the middle Asian regions. Then in the search of good land and water they spread across to different regions and areas. Tired of the wars and hardships in Punjab, they settled at Gujarat via Rajasthan. On the other side, they traveled to U.P, Bihar, Nepal alongside the plains of Ganga and Jamuna. Many traveled via Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra and right up to Tamil Nadu. In Gujarat, they came to be known as Patidars with their ownership of lands. From thereon they got the name of Patels, In U.P, they became kanbi from kunbi-kulmi, all derived from kurmikshatriyas. This community has evolved from being warriors to Land owners to Patels. But wherever they went, they prayed to Maa Umiya. Since they originated from Punjab, their surnames were taken from the various towns of Punjab.

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